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Hey Guys whats up. Today im hare to Review a telegu movie which name is Gang Leader . If you want to download this movie then read the full post.

  • Directed by: Vikram Kumar
  • Produced by: Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravi Sankar, Mohan Cherukuri
  • Written by: Yesteen R, Venkat D. Pati
  • Cast: Nani, Priyanka, Arul Mohan, Lakshmi
  • Saranya Ponvannan, Karthikeya
  • Music by: Anirudh Ravichander
  • Release date: 13 September 2019
  • Running time: 155 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Telugu

Plot: Pencil Parthasarathy is a small-time crime novel writer who watches popular English language movies and rewrites their stories as Telugu novels. Meanwhile, a great robbery takes place in the city where ₹ 300 crores are stolen by 5 individuals. As soon as the robbery is finished, the 5 are found murdered and the money stolen.

5 bereaved women (1 aged woman, 1 middle aged woman, 1 young woman, 1 teen and a small child) who lost their loved ones (the 5 dead robbers) come together and try to find someone who would help them avenge their loved ones. They approach Pencil to help them figure out the culprit. Pencil, at first, refuses to help them but sensing a good (and probably his first) original story, agrees to help them.

After a few hilarious twists and turns, the rag tag group finally narrows down on their main suspect: Dev.

Dev is a small time ambulance driver turned F1 Racer. As an ambulance driver, Dev never lost a patient due to his skilled and prompt driving of patients to the hospital. However, in order to become a successful race car driver, he needed money. In order to get the money, he joined a group of cancer patients (the original five) who were planning on a robbery to set aside money for their loved ones (the 5 women). After the robbery, Dev kills the 5 men and steals the money and becomes a successful race car driver. Pencil becomes gang leader of that 5 bereaved women and decides to take revenge.

In turn of events, Dev comes to know about Pencil and the women, but Pencil outsmarts him. In the end, Pencil and Dev engage in a fight, where Pencil kills Dev by pulling a car on him, and burning his body later. It is revealed in the end that Pencil had also lost his loved one, his childhood pet, Shravani. The family lives happily ever after.


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