How To Create Telegram Bot - Basic Of Bot | Part 1 | BanglarTrick

Hey Guys, Whats Up. Today i will show you How To Create a Telegram BOT Without Python or programming This is our first part. So Let's Started... 

First of all, Open Telegram App. Now Click The Search Bar & Search Here "Bot Father"

Then Open Bot Father.

Now click Start

Click New Bot or type /newbot

Send the name which name you want to set in your bot.

Now send your bot username which you want. BUT don't forget to type bot at the last in your username.

Then Copy The API CODE & past this in your Note Pad.

We are done. Our BOT this created. Now "How To Customize Your Bot" that Part is coming soon.
I hope you like this post. If anyone don't understand what I'm saying then please watch the video of this tutorial.

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