How To Create A Blog Site & Become A Good Blogger And Earn Money From It | Full Guidelines

How To Create A Blog Site & Become A Good Blogger And Earn Money From It | Full Guidelines

Hello friends. whats Up. My self Fahim Islam. I will show you today, how you can open a website and earn from there.

Everyone want to earn money from online. But everyone can't do that. There are many ways to earn money from online. But the easiest way to earn money its creating a own website & connect that to adsense.

You can create sites in different ways. You can also create a site through WordPress. You can also create a site with a blogger. If you want to create a site from WordPress then you will need a paid hosting panel. But if you create a site from Blogger, you don't need any kind of hosting panel.

Blogger is a Google platform. Where you can create your blog website without any kind of hosting panel. Blogger does not require any hosting because Unlimited Hosting is provided by Google. Once the site is created, you will need to associate your site with AdSense to earn from that site. 

However, there are 5 things to keep in mind when linking your site with AdSense. These are,
  • 1. Paid Domain
  • 2. Own Content
  • 3. Long Articles
  • 4. Responsive Template
Paid domain: After creating your site you must buy a paid domain. It doesn't require much money to buy a paid domain. You can buy a paid domain at very low cost. After buy a paid domain then connect this to your blog site.

Own Content: All articles must be written by you.If you copy any kind of article or something then your adsense account don't get approval. You need to provide all things which is create by you.

Long Articles: Articles on your site must be very large. You must enter at least 500 Words. If you write long articles then you get adsense approval very early. Before you apply adsense you must need to write atleast 30/40 articles in your blog site.

Responsive Template: You must use a Responsible template on your site. You will find many templates on google.
These 4 things must be followed. Besides, you have to also create 5 pages on your site. Must make this. Otherwise AdSense will not be approved.
  • 1. About Us
  • 2. Contact Us
  • 3. Disclaimer
  • 4. Privacy Policy
  • 5. Terms & Condition
These 5 pages must be created on your site. Then you have to apply for AdSense. If you complete everything properly & legally, your site will be AdSense approved within 1 days.

After you getting adsense you Don't need anything else. Once your site is approved, you can use any kind of template or you can write any kind of article in your site. But if you want to copy something then its going to be a illegal content & therefore your adsense will be suspended. So avoid to copy anything.

Guys this is for today. Hope you understand everything. If you like this articale then please give a like. Thank you so much for read full articale.


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