How To Make An Auto Blogging Website On Blogspot | Full Guidelines

Today I will show you how to create an auto blogging site in Blogspot. So without investing any time let's started...

Auto blogging site is a type of site where you do not have to write anything. The post will be written automatically. When someone posts anything in her sites it will be auto-shared on your site. That's basically the job of autoblogging.

So first you have to login to your blogspot site. Then go to this link ( IFTTT ). Create an account by going to the link. I did not tell you how to create an account Becasue It's very easy. Just Login with Gmail then it will created. Then follow the all screenshorts shown below. Then you enter the Feed URL here. That means rss feed url. WordPress sites typically have a feed url, such as Then follow the screen shorts step by step. Now if you want to edit anything then edit here. For example, you can remove the text IFTTT in the Labels, as well as you also remove Vai Text from Body Section. There is nothing more. Just Click On The finish button. Now all is connected. Now if someone posts anything to her sites, it will be automatically shared on your site. As you can see i link to wizbd so when someone posts on wizbd it is also shared on my site. Note: when you search the blog and select the blog above, you may be taken to the Google login page. Then you need to connect your site with IFTTT. So select the Gmail you are opening your site with. Thats it.



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