How to Install Kali Linux on Android without Root?

Today we will show you how to install kali Linux on android using termux without root. Many people do not like rooting their android phones for numerous reasons starting from security to warranty of their devices. In some cases, they do not know how to root the android device in the first place. If your device is already rooted then try the nethunter project, it is much better than termux and has a lot more functionality.

What is termux?

Termux is an Android terminal emulator which works without any additional setup or root access. In order words, you can convert your phone into a Linux machine for using Linux based application. The minimal base application is installed by default. This tool is available on google play store and fdroid. This tool is free to use and has no ads of any sort, which is why many people recommend termux for android.

Installing Kali with termux (no root required)

Step 1: Checking all the requirements for termux

For setting up Kali Linux with termux you need to make sure of the following things are in place:

termux installed

  1. You need to be in the home directory. You can check your path on Termux by typing the pwd command which will print the working directory. If you are not in the home directory then, change directories using cd home command in the terminal.
  2. Some packages and git needs to be installed on the device for kali Linux to work properly. To install these packages type the following command:
  • pkg update && pkg install git && pkg install python && pkg install python2

Step 2: Downloading the Kali Linux installation script for termux

We need to download the following termux script from GitHub in \home the directory of our device. To do this, we need to use the following command:

  • git clone


This is an automated script which will install kali Linux on your android device via termux. Without requiring any root permissions. This is automated just see the images below for reference.

Now type the following command to enter the folder where the scripts are located.

  • cd Nethunter-In-Termux

Step 3: Installing Kali Linux in android with termux script

We need to make the script executable by granting it execution permissions so that the script runs without any errors. Do not miss this step since there will be errors during kali installation if you miss this step. Type the following command to give permissions:

  • chmod +x kalinethunter .

Once the permission is granted, you can run the script with the following command:

  • ./kalinethunter

The script will start installing and will ask you for your android device architecture. Most of the recent devices are 64bit architecture devices. If you have a very old device running Android 5 or below then go for 32 bit.

Now you have to select your device Architecture if you didn’t know your android device Architecture then you can google it, or you can type 4 and press Enter.

Then type your number according to your Architecture and press Enter.


The installation will begin after the download is completed the download size is large, so make sure you have enough data and good internet connection. As well as enough device storage to handle the installation. Do make sure to use a decent device. At least a quad-core processor. Lag will annoy you a lot otherwise.

Step 4: Starting and setting up Kali Linux

To start kali nethunter type the below command which will start kali Linux.

  • startkali

You might come across some Permission Denied Errors in some cases and on some devices. As long you followed the steps correctly you will have Kali Linux installed and running when you see [email protected] in red, as shown in the image below.

Now you can use apt-get install to install all your favorite kali Linux tools on your android device without any issues.


Commonly asked questions about kali Linux on termux:

Q1. Will my device be slow because of this tool?

No, it will start when you open termux. However, if you have less than 2gb ram do not install a lot of services and apps on kali. Also, make sure that there is enough free storage. Keep at least four GB for kali. Recommended is 8gb.

Q2. Can I use all the kali Linux tools?

Yes, you can use all except the wireless ones. There are driver issues which prevent the wifi cards in our phones from working with Kali Linux.

Q3. Any legal issues with termux and kali?

Installing kali Linux is obviously legal. There is no restriction but hacking people, especially strangers on the internet, is illegal.

Q4. Which is better kali nethunter or termux?

Kali nethunter. It has a lot of features and has a lot of good tools and scripts. It also has optimized versions for specific devices which you can check on the nethunter page.

Q5. Can I get a desktop view on kali Linux installed with termux?

Yes, you can do that. You need to install vnc software for it. I would not recommend it as it takes much more power and resources.


Congratulations you have learned how to install kali Linux on android without root with termux. Hope you liked the article do share to support our hacking world community. You can also make custom requests and support the site by donating. Happy hacking with termux on android.


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